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Peterson Linder Insurance

Case Study

Gaining Trust in a Saturated Market.

Peterson-Linder Insurance wanted a new website, but it was not a priority for them. When we first met, it was not for the purpose of discussing web design, but for advice on an internal email issue. That event spilled into casual conversation and the opportunity to discuss web design came up. After a modest conversation, they became interested in updating their web presence to something more appropriate for today’s customer.

Having an up-to-date web presence wasn’t a priority to a few of the owners, but they knew they had to do something to increase leads coming in for their sales team.


Generate consistent leads for the established sales team and make their online presence assist in reaching quarterly goals.


Peterson Insurance’s new website delivered an improved customer experience and made it easier for consumers to obtain quotes. Our Paid Media campaigns drove more qualified phone leads than they have ever gotten before.

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Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development
Paid Media

" The team over at Inari are extremely trustworthy. I don't micromanage. They say "this is what we're doing" or "this is what we're working towards" and it comes true everytime. I like a team that just does what they say they're going to do."

- Britt Linder, CEO


Peterson Insurance had a real branding issue—it was operating by two different names! This confused would be customers on who they would be dealing with and so turned them away to doing business with Peterson.

We first conducted a strategy meeting to find out the reason for this brand disconnect and worked with the executive team to obtain a coherent brand that customers could understand.

Once the brand was clear, we began work on designing the overall look and feel of all the aspects of the brand.

Memphis Brand Strategy

Web Design & Development

Peterson Insurance’s website was almost non-existent in the way of traffic. No thought was given to how consumers would engage or what they looked for in the industry. We solved this by conducting User Sprints to really understand what consumers were wanting and looking for. No matter the size of the business, with a lack of understanding consumer needs you cannot expect to grow or hit quotas. 

Paid Media

To increase leads calling and requesting quotes, we needed to get consumers inside the companies marketing funnels quickly. We achieved this via paid ads across various channels. Our strategy was to get in front of as many qualified consumers with the highest quality score possible for all of our ads. To do this, we implemented a SKAG strategy that drove leads within the first few days of implementation.

" The thing I love most about working with Inari is their responsiveness. I can call or text as soon as I think of something and they get back with me right away. That's really important to me. "

- Britt Linder, CEO


The company as a whole is proud of their new website and are extremely happy with their consistent leads. Customers and other trusted professionals have given their positive feedback about its aesthetics and intuitive navigation. For current customers, it is easier to deliver a message to the company or specific representative. For new customers, it is easier to learn the company’s values and why they can be trusted.

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