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Dr. Ly Natural Health Acupuncture Clinic

Case Study

Natural Growth for a Natural Clinic

Dr. Ly wanted a way to increase their brand amongst their loyal community without seeming imposing, irrelevant, or inauthentic. They wanted real, organic engagement from people who are truly interested in their services. Most of all, they were looking to build trust outside of their core group of followers by turning their current followers into advocates that would take action and spread the word.


Build brand awareness authentically and organically through relevant content instead of relying on ads.


Target audience interests engaged. Goals set and accomplished. Growth met. Client pleased and looking to replace other clinics service with ours.

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Social Media Management

" Acupuncture can sometimes be misunderstood or seen as alternative therapy. It was really important to us that our social media channels educate and engage a greater audience and Inari has delivered just that."

- Allen Chen
Natural Health Clinic Marketing

The Mission

Allen and his team were looking for a reliable agency that didn’t have to use ‘gimmicks’, but instead relied on data and strategy to help their business grow online. With a fully qualified staff of medical doctors, they wanted to grow a community of like minded people that were looking for something different and reached out to us to make it happen.

Social Media Strategy

Taylor, our amazing Social Media Manager, took on the task and began creating a strategy that would resonate with a broader audience that their current followers would engage with and share. 

She spent so much time researching and crafting the perfect messages/content, that she had to take a vacation to Florida after executing it O(≧∇≦)O

Natural Health Social Marketing

Curating Content

After Taylor had the perfect concepts and strategy executed, she began to also curate unique and interesting content that she knew Dr. Ly’s followers would love. Once she developed the curation strategy, she began to unleash it. 

Memphis Social Media Marketing

" We're medical experts, not marketing experts. Conversely, the opposite is true of Inari. It is greatly appreciated that Inari is so approachable and empathetic to both learning and educating so we can get the best results possible."

- Allen Chen


Dr. Ly’s Health Acupuncture’s online presence has grown with an increase of 350% engagement with their content by users. Their social media has now become a source of professional advice and trusted information that users feel comfortable interacting with and sharing to their personal pages.

Social Media Growth in Memphis

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