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Downtown Church

Case Study

How one post saved a business.

Approaching the beginning of a new year, we were contacted by Richard Reeves, the lead pastor of Downtown Church.

They went throughout the year with strategy and marketing being the last thing on their mind – only pursuing traditional means. They then found themselves with a deficit of $185,000 in which they were absolutely desperate to cover at the start of the new year. With only three days left before Christmas, they reached out to us.

Our approach needed to be strategic and targeted, impacting customer pain-points from the very beginning to clear as much revenue as possible with the tightest of deadlines.


Generate a minimum $185,000 within 12 days to clear a deficit.


Inari helped focus their message and communicate it to those looking for it. This lead to revenue growth and brought in a new customers.

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Social Media Campaign

Developing the Strategy

Inari’s Chief Strategist sat down with their CEO and team, to craft the brand’s strategy with a little over a week left. Through the facilitated sessions, we surfaced that the current strategies being used were mainly focused via traditional means, with little thought towards a targeted digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Understanding the community

The organization relies heavily on a community first mentality. It’s where people of all backgrounds and cultures can come together and help one another. We created unique user profiles to portray this range. This created a clear, cohesive picture of their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants.

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Defining the Message

They needed a dynamic strategy that would incorporate building their ideal targeted audience, and a message that would resonate. It needed to be simple, empathetic, and strong enough to create action inside their audience, and outside it.

Marketing Strategy Memphis


With the pressure on for this campaign to perform, we wanted to ensure that the campaign would be effectively using it’s news feed real estate. Optimizing it for maximum results consisted of running the ad for a short period, analyzing the results, and setting the prolonged campaign according to the ad placement that yielded the most results for the most efficient cost in concordance with the bidding strategy.

I was so exhausted. I was tired of feeling like I was begging everyone. I feel like without good strategy, we we’re just waiting and reacting and this put us in a very bad position. Inari understood what we were trying to accomplish, put words to it, a strategy behind it, and executed it perfectly!

Targeting the right users

Setting up the correct targeting was one of the essential parts of the campaign. Once the correct target demographic was set by building several ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles), engagement with the ad began to show immediate results.

Re-targeting awareness

Because time was taken to research and identify the ideal customer before the campaign, creating a separate ad set for each unique audience allowed for optimal overall performance, as campaign obstacles were better managed. We were able to review the ad’s performance and capitalize where most performance was achieved and as a result, re-targeted ad traffic gave better conversion than the initial ad traffic.

After the first week, I was blown away. I still am. What we accomplished in such a short timeline I didn’t think was possible. Working with Inari has changed my perspective on this new world we live in. I now embrace the ‘digital now’.


Our efforts resulted in the organization not only reaching their targeted goal within the specified time frame, but exceeding it. Within two weeks, over $200,000 was generated.

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