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All-Star Limo

Case Study

Moving Consumers to Action

We’re so excited to be a part of All-Star Limos official re-brand, a top rated chauffeur company servicing the Mid-South and surrounding areas with a focus on fun and memories that last a lifetime. Inari created the overall brand/marketing strategy and was then chosen to fulfill that strategy.


Re-brand a local company that literally goes the extra mile for their customers. 


Increased overall visibility, a strong value proposition, and translated the service experience to one their consumers can experience online—which all lead to increased revenues of 150%.

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Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development
Marketing Strategy
Paid Media

" We never thought that we were leaving money on the table. After our first day of strategy, we all realized how much money we’ve lost and don’t ever want to do that again. We knew that once Inari was done with creating our strategy, we’d have them implement it right away."

- Daniel Cruz, President

Developing the Strategy

Inari staff spent two productive days gaining insight into All-Star Limo’s business. Without a good insight into their business we wouldn’t have been able to develop a strategy that would resonate with their customers.

Value Proposition

After we understood their demographics and psychographics we were able to help them realize what their most profitable service was. We then focused all of our efforts on creating the right value propositions for this vertical.

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Thinking of the customer

They needed clear and concise messaging across all their channels that would push consumers further into their ecosystem during the consumer’s “research” phase (read “should I choose this company” phase).

Content Strategy

After a deep analysis of their competition, we discovered a huge lack of customer understanding that translated into mixed messages for the consumer. We developed a through content strategy to engage and convey why consumers should choose All-Star Limos over the competition.

Customer Centered Design

Setting up the correct targeting was one of the essential parts of the campaign. Once the correct target demographic was set by building several ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles), engagement with the ad began to show immediate results.

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Target, Refine, Target, Refine…

Because time was taken to research and identify the ideal customer before the campaign, creating a separate ad set for each unique audience allowed for optimal overall performance, as campaign obstacles were better managed. We were able to review the ad’s performance and capitalize where most performance was achieved and as a result, re-targeted ad traffic gave better conversion than the initial ad traffic.

" We now understand what real strategy is. If you aren’t applying strategy to your brand and marketing, then you’re really just flushing money down the toilet. Thanks Inari, you really opened our eyes."

- Daniel Cruz, President


We didn’t just help All-Star Limos create a beautiful and “pretty” new brand. We assisted in changing their entire business model. Currently, they are booked 6 months out.

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