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Before telling your story, understand theirs

We have a process that’ll bridge the gap between between Identity and Results to get your ideal customers coming to you.

Invigorate and Revitalize your Sales Funnel

Have you tried to build the brand of your company, but got stuck along the way? Are you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated that you are missing the mark and not growing your brand? You probably already have the solution, let Inari help you find it.

Our team has helped clients like you grow awareness and increase sales by implementing our proven systems. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Inari can help you increase customer retention and growth by improving and unifying your branding, image, targeting, and analysis.

What you can expect

Proven Tactics to Grow Your Brand Online

You make lasting products that people love. Let’s spread the love, build a more magnetic brand and attract even more devoted fans.

We specialize in empowering brands that help people do the things they love to do. Yes, we build websites and digital campaigns, but at the core of our service set is helping you connect your product with your target audience so you can show them firsthand what makes your product special.

This helps us craft a strategy around any digital initiative. So, if we’re building a website that is meant to drive leads to your business, we’ll find out all the decision points that go into a purchase, so we can help you speak to your customer at each point in their purchasing journey.

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Our Story

Inari Interactive was founded by Matthew Wash with the idea that your digital marketing and online presence should do more than just be a sign for your business.

Today, your online presence can outpreform any salesman you hire, can be extremely targeted and not fast-forwarded, and reach more people than any mail campaign ever has. Anyone, anywhere can find you. If you are relevant.

Do you feel that you’ve hit that wall, that ceiling that you can’t go over? STOP GUESSING! Success is NOT luck, it’s strategy.

After helping hundreds of clients discover success, we’ve developed a proven digital strategy process that not only helps you find and connect with your audience, but for your audience to take action as well.

This shouldn’t come as a shock – if you don’t care, why should they? Your marketing efforts will fail without the proper strategy behind it.

If you’re ready to take the next step and see actual results of what a proper digital strategy can do for you, then contact us and we’ll guide you towards growing leads, growing sales, and beating your competition.

Inari is a creative agency specializing in digital marketing using proven strategies to target and acquire accurate qualified leads.

What Do We Do

Our Mission

We are in the business of influence. We influence people to choose our clients over others. We do not settle for anything less than an increase in customer flow to our clients.

We also do not appease or make compromises to those who would ask us to meet the bare minimum. We believe that our focus is and always will be to push towards success through the use of emerging technologies, digital media, and even print.

Why We Do What We Do

We Care

We get very attached to all the projects we take on.

When we make a new site live, we want to see it fly the nest and thrive. Because we care, we go the extra mile.

How We Do It

Focus Through Strategic Discovery​

We are the creative force that pushes others to achieve success. We create a seamless, branded experience for each and every one of our customers through the use of digital media (web, video, graphic), print, and emerging technologies.


We know from experience that people looking for a new website generally want a combination of the following:

More sales or enquiries

Better representation of their brand online

Custom functionality to improve business performance

Unique designs that wow

This is exactly what we do day in, day out. We spend our time designing solutions to these problems.

Sounds easy? It’s anything but!

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Meet the Team

Chris Arrington

Chris Arrington

Project Manager
Landon McCullough

Kathy Burke

HR & Bookkeeper
Coco Wash


CEP, Chief Executive Pawficer
Landon McCullough
Web Developer
Pattie Gardner
Digital Consultant
Rhonda Hennessey

Rhonda Hennessey

Digital Consultant
Ryann Mazur
Brand Specialist
Landon McCullough

Landon McCullough

Video Specialist
Jerald Overton

Jerold Overton

Digital Consultant
Miriam Salgado

Miriam Salgado

Senior Graphic Designer
Matthew Wash

Matthew Wash

Chief Creative Director