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DoctorsCare Urgent Care Clinic

Case Study

A Diagnosis in Marketing

DoctorsCare is an Urgent care facility in Clarksville, TN with two locations. They are one of the only privately owned clinics in the area. They provide non emergency care, vaccinations, workers comp, and job health certifications on site.

With the lack of competition in the private sector, it appeared that business began “drying up” due to everyone going to the public hospitals and facilities. 


Revamp and optimize neglected online channels and tap into surrounding counties Veteran/Military population for TRICARE.


Only after three months, we were able to increase phone calls, social media engagement, and obtain a higher organic search ranking. We also were able to tap into the adjacent county’s veteran population which increased overall business revenue by 25%.

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Social Media Management

 As a doctor, you’re schedule can really get away from you. I liked that Inari understood this and made themselves flexible and responsive when I needed them. It was a night and day difference from before.

Ideal Customer Profiles

Ideal customer profiles should be created by all businesses to not just know who their target consumer is but also how they live, how they react, and how they engage online. Inari’s strategists  sat down with Debra and Dr. Kent to do just that. Once the profiles were completed, we were able to target those consumers with pinpoint accuracy at the right time and place.

Who Are You


“Build it and they will come”—might have worked before the internet, but it won’t anymore. Just because a business is “on” social media or “on” the internet doesn’t mean customers will show up. This is the situation that DoctorsCare found themselves in. 

Our copywriters devised branded messaging that would resonate on any marketing channel with DoctorsCare target markets: parents, veterans, and military personnel. 

Social Media

DoctorsCare’s social media presence was barren and empty. It took a lot of love to build it up. We implemented a strategic way to get customers to leave reviews and check-in when they were on location and grew their channels to heights never seen before.

 We appreciate all of the work that went into our social media outreach. Inari really helped bring our message to life.


We not only increased revenue from their current locations, but we were able to tap into the surrounding counties Veteran and Military population and increased overall revenue by 25%. DoctorsCare is now looking to open a third location.

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