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Collierville Auto Center

Case Study

Using Design To Go From Blowfish To Big Fish

With an investment for growth and expansion, Collierville Auto Center was on a time crunch to meet investor deadlines. Not only did they want to look the part – they had to grow into it. Desperately needing to update their online presence and implement marketing strategies to increase sales, we were contacted to create the strategy and implement it. On average, sales are now 60 to 80 cars a month, up from their previous 10 cars a month.


Can a strong brand experience generate enough revenue for overall growth, location expansion AND meet investor expectations?


We assisted Collierville Auto Center in reaching their quarterly deadline and then proceeded to produce a 600% growth in revenue over the next two following quarters.

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Branding and Identity Design
Web Design and Development
Social Media Marketing
AwardsMemphis’ Best Award for Best Used Car Dealer Memphis’ Entrepreneur of the Year (Mike Hamby)

It was awesome! The results we got and the growth we achieved were amazing. Over a one year period we DOUBLED the number of car sales.

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The Mission

Investors expect results. To meet these expectations you need a combination of strategy, education, and support to blow through deadlines and grow revenue. That’s why Collierville Auto Center called Inari. Our mission was to help them expedite growth and expand operations, all on a non-negotiable timeline.


If your company’s brand was made for you and not your customer, then your customers will never resonate with it. We at Inari, are always advocates for the customer first, then the business. 

When Mike Hamby came to us, we noticed a very big disconnect from what the company offered in the way of service compared to what the company’s brand was putting out. Over the course of a month, we interviewed customers and staff and built the brand that would represent Hamby’s true feelings about 

Automotive Branding

Marketing & Targeting

Having a brand without marketing or targeting only works if you’re Elon Musk.

Once the branding and messaging was done, we set out to profile the exact consumer looking for Collierville Auto Center’s services. We got so granular, that we opened a few doors of extra business for them.

Automotive Dealership Marketing

Refining the Target

Over the course of the year, we continued to refine our tracking using everything from heatmaps to actually recording user interactions on the website. With this detailed data, we were able to continually improve the quality of consumer interaction and drive sales.

 If you want your business to really grow and not just look at fake numbers on a report, then use Inari. I couldn’t have achieved what I did without their help. Thank you so much for everything.


After the launch of the website and marketing campaign, monthly sales increased from 10 customers a month to 60. Consumers overall are more educated, better qualified, and ready to buy. Due to this, they met their investment deadline which opened up further investments and they moved into their new location.

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